During drupa Berger Textiles invited customers for a free sewing training tour to their new Sewing Demonstration Centre in Krefeld. Customers from all over the world accepted the invitation to Krefeld and a shuttle from drupa to Berger brought customers to the nonstop training during the 14 drupa days.

Berger textile finishing training centre

Berger claim that the sewing Demonstration Centre is unique in the world and takes the mystery out of finishing digital printed fabrics for beginners and professionals. Berger employs 3 full time sewing professionals to provide this service to customers.

Applications like framing, lightboxes, flags, art reproduction, home furnishing and many others were presented to the visitors. A wide variety of different lightboxes printed on different printer brands and techniques gave customers the opportunity to see how the diferent lightboxes would look.

Berger will keep the doors open for all those customers that want to learn more about textile printing and finishing.

Berger GmbH & Co. KG

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