Sawgrass Industrial has announced the launch of M-XTR ink, the pigment ink set for what they call extreme digital textile print production featuring RMI Technology at FESPA 2012.
“M-XTR ink addresses the textile industry’s need for extreme speed, coupled with high quality in a manner that has not been seen to date,” said Dr. Michael Mheidle, President of Sawgrass Industrial and CEO of Sawgrass Europe. “As Sawgrass Industrial continues to develop the most advanced digital printing solutions, we are poised to deliver to our customers products that can generate revenue into the future.

"M-XTR ink is a pigment-based ink designed specifically to handle the extreme speed of today’s next generation inkjet printers. Formulated with patented RMI Technology, M-XTR inks make it possible to run at higher inkjet nozzle firing rates. RMI (Rheological Modified Ink) technology generates a unique cylindrical jetting characteristic that creates a more consistent ink drop shape resulting in sharper images with greater colour fidelity.

"RMI permits higher pigment concentrations for richer, higher density colours and faster drying times due to the reduction in glycols (up to 40 percent) over alternative ink products on the market. M-XTR inks incorporate a binderless formulation that results in excellent runability, maximum uptime and excellent colour vibrancy even with uncoated fabrics (for optimal output, M-XTR inks work with matched-component fabrics and M-coatings.) Additionally, M-XTR inks eliminate time consuming and costly steam and wash steps, pass AATCC crock and wash tests, and provide 3-year outdoor durability based on AATCC/ISO testing." he concluded.

Sawgrass Industrial
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