Benny Landa, inventor of the Indigo high speed digital printing technology (which was sold to HP 10 years ago) has created much interest about his intended launch at Drupa 12 of his Nano Print Technology.



This print visionary with over 700 patents to his name, claims he has been working on this technology in Israel for the last 16 years, even before he sold Indigo to HP.

The new technology has been described as “Digital Nanographic Printing”.

Landa still works closely with HP so it uncertain if this technology, if it successfully goes to market, will also end up with HP.

It also unclear at this stage what sectors of the industry would be impacted. Wide format could well be one of them but would it compete with standard wide format or perhaps the textile side?

UK company, Xennia Technology also introduced nano technology to the textile printing industry in February 2010 in partnership with Reggiani Macchine of Italy.

Landa Corporation


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