"Up to now the various textiles on the market and printed using Latex-printers for lightbox applications could not meet the quality expectations in regards of ink compatibility, scratch resistance and colour density for light boxes so far," said a spokesperson from Berger Textiles.

To fill this gap, Berger designed a new product, backlight satin FR +ws, which meets all the demands for lightbox-applications in combination with HP-Latex-printers. After a long development this product was first presented at FESPA in Hamburg and now launched at Viscom Germany with a highly positive result: It celebrates an enthusiastic feedback from HP-resellers and their customers.

In a final step for independent approval the new product was tested and ICC-profiled at Colour Concepts in The Netherlands and afterwards sent for approval to HP in Barcelona. It passed all tests and is now on the HP-road show for being presented to customers.

What makes backlight satin FR +ws unique?

• Lightbox applications are now possible with HP latex printers
• Compatible for LED-lightboxes, no “pinholes, stars”
• Highest colour brilliance in lightboxes
• Highest colour brilliance in front-light applications
• Optical white fabric for highest light transmission
• Foldable: can be shipped folded in boxes as dyesub prints
• Ink adhesion on the surface is extremely high
• Significant water resistance
• Printer settings available at Berger e.g. temperature, airflow, tension, vacuum,..
• Profiles on HP “latex media finder”
• Printable with UV- and solvent inks as well
• Printable in dye sublimation (on backside) as well

Berger Textiles

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