Condé Systems has introduced the DyeTrans 7700 and 9700 ink jet sublimation printers.
The DyeTrans 7700 (24" wide media output) and the DyeTrans 9700 (44" wide media output) combine extreme performance with incredibly low operating costs to provide world-class output for both hard and soft substrates.
DyeTrans7700and9700Whether printing with the included Epson driver (165 sf/hr @ 720x720dpi) or optional Wastach SoftRIP technology (180 sf/hr @ 720x720dpi and 430 sf/hr @ 360x720dpi), the printers produce higher quality prints at nearly twice the speed of previous generation printers and at an ultra-low cost of less than 30 cents per square foot.
Both the 7700 and 9700 deliver continuous 4-color printing (CMYK with dual-black technology) via economical SubliM™ or SubliJet® IQ liter ink bottles - providing an initial ink cost savings over 6-color and 8-color printers. For consistent quality and runability, paper choices include DyeTrans™ SPP and TexPrint™.

Condé Systems, Inc.

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