With high productivity being the main attribute of this new printer, the machine is targeting the professional and perhaps dedicated textile printers.
With a throughput of up to 100 sm per hour and 540 dpi printing four colours, the Artrix is definitely an industrial machine that is happy to take heavy production demands in order that users can meet tight delivery deadlines.

The d.gen Artrix at the FESPA Asia show
With d.gens superb image quality, lower cost and emissions and high productivity the Artrix GT was drawing strong crowds at the FESPA Asia show.

The machine is designed for unattended printing and reducing labour costs. It includes the JRF-3000 and JRT-3000 unwinding units which can feed jumbo reels.

It is equipped with many patented solutions that streamline printers' workflow and reduce errors, such as the Detacheable Belt Washing Unit, the Wrinkle Free Expander and the Electronic Position Control Function (EPC), that keeps the fabric edge under control whilst in production.


Princeton Digital Imaging Pty Ltd
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