Flexcon has introduced DURApro OF 100 Clear V-22 42 White PP-8, another fluoropolymer film choice for graphic overlaminate applications and an alternative to Flexcon’s FLEXmark OT 100 Clear, FLEXmount DOT 100 Clear and FLEXmark PT 100 Clear.

DURApro OF 100 Clear V-22 42 White PP-8 is a 1-mil, clear overlaminating fluoropolymer film with a versatile, permanent clear acrylic adhesive, and backed with a 42-lb., one-sided polycoated white Kraft release liner. This VBS Supreme product offers excellent clarity, anti-graffiti and UV protection – a minimum of seven years. DURApro OF 100 Clear offers excellent chemical resistance and protection from moisture, abrasion and dirt, and has a service temperature range of -40°F to 120°F.


Halifax Vogel Group

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