Barbieri Electronics Spectro LFP Tex is a dedicated spectrophotometre for the textile and fabric printing market.

The digital textile and fabric printing market has some very special needs due to the characteristics of the surface and the textile itself. Standard colour measuring devices do not deliver accurate readings.

The feature that makes the Spectro LFP Tex unique is its large measuring aperture of 8mm which is fundamental to measure textiles. The large aperture optically averages the textured surface of textiles and fabrics and therefore determines the correct colour.

For easy mounting of the textile for measuring, a special sample holder is delivered with the measuring device. This holder prevents distortions and slipping during the whole automatic measuring process. As a result measurements of textiles will be done fully automatically and most accurate.

An upgrade to the worldwide unique automatic transmissive measurement feature for the Spectro LFP Tex is also available.

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