Impression Technology are now offering both white base and colours to be printed in just one pass.

Traditionally all garment direct printers required a two pass process firstly to lay down a translucent or opaque white base and then followed with a colour layer to complete the print run.

dtg_one_pass_fast.jpgThe DTG Digital solution eliminates the need for the second pass as a proprietary patent pending mechanical device allows both a white and coloured layer to be printed simultaneously.

 Stephen Richardson Director of Impression Technology Pty Ltd,  is quoted

“Garment printers utilising DTG style equipment now have a faster and in most cases up to 70% better production option.  Prints without the need for multiple pass’s drastically increases production times and work flow.. Garment Printers can now offer faster turnarounds with greater speeds and gain much greater control over the colour gamut’s required to create truly original and fantastic colour prints to a whole host of substrates. This breakthrough in technology will have significant impact in the markets”

Up to 70 percent faster prints with exceptional colours and all supported with a unique easy to use RIP. The One Pass print option is available at this stage only on the newer DTG models the Viper and Kiosk 3.

There are supporting documents and videos soon to  be available on the website and the “DTG One Pass FAST” option will be shown first at the Long Beach ISS trade show in Jan 2010.

Impression Technology Pty Ltd.

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