GJS Machinery has announced the availability of a new range of large-format heat transfer presses in rotary and platen configuration suitable for dye sublimation transfer fixation.

AIT Equipment and its predecessor company has been manufacturing platen and rotary drum heat transfer machines used in the sublimation printing of fabrics for over 25 years. In late 1995,  its predecessor company, Astechnologies, sold the first rotary drum printing machine in the USA using commercial digital dye sublimation technology for fabric printing.

ait_equipment.gif“As one of Australia’s leading distributors of printing machinery, GJS Machinery has been chosen as the sole partner for AIT Equipment for the distribution of our entire range of platen and rotary heat transfer presses to the Australian and New Zealand market. We firmly believe that with GJS’ experience and expertise in the industry, they are perfectly placed to serve the needs of customers wanting large format, dye sublimation solutions.” said Marty Pearson - Vice President Sales

Manufactured in Italy, AIT/Astex machines are designed with productivity, quality and safety in mind. All rotary machines feature a self contained oil drum heat system for precise temperature control across the width of the heated drum. Most of the platen style machines are equipped with tray systems or traversing heated platens which allow the unloading and reloading of parts while the machine is pressing. All machines are “Safety Certified” and meet or exceed worldwide safety standards including CE and OSHA requirements.

“We’re very excited about the prospect of this new partnership with AIT Equipment. I believe that there are many synergies between both our companies, most notably a long history of experience in the market. AIT Equipment’s range of heat presses will complement our recently announced SubliM large-format dye sublimation solutions” said Graham Stone, Managing Director – GJS Machinery.

GJS Machinery will take delivery of its first 60inch/152cm 7360IJO Oil Heated Rotary Heat Transfer Press next week which will be on display at the Visual Impact Image Expo at the end of October.



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