Kornit Digital has implemented an extensive organisational change to it's International Customer Support Division.

The new Kornit International Customer Support (ICS) Division is designed to provide customers with wide-ranging support by a qualified team of professionals, each in their own field of expertise. The ICS division consists of the following departments:

  • International Care Centre – The ICS Care Centre provides long-distance support for all your technical and application needs by allowing support communication on three levels: Phone support, Email Support and Remote access support, including 24/7 hotline services, all conducted by qualified service engineers.
  • International Field Service – The ICS International Field Service subdivision is responsible for all onsite services including machine installations, hardware & software upgrades, preventive maintenance and repairs, all conducted by qualified field-service engineers.
  • International Training Center – Kornit`s Training Centre located in Wisconsin, USA offers a wide array of training and educational sessions at different levels of expertise, including hands-on practice. The centre offers a comprehensive training program; from operator training, through advanced hardware technical training, as well as pre-press & application training and webinars.
  • Technical Integration – The Technical Integration subdivision is responsible for the assimilation of all new products and system upgrades and provides the customer with up-to-date informational tools including user manuals and ongoing updates.
  • Pre-Press & Application – The ICS pre-press and graphic specialists design and develop top-professional application tools for the Kornit systems and provide ongoing consulting on file preparation, pre-press and application management. 
  • VIP – The VIP group is responsible for providing comprehensive support to Kornit’s loyal customers that have reached a level of 4 machines or more. 

In order to provide customers with the best tools to efficiently operate their machines and successfully reach the highest profitability for their business, Kornit Digital introduces its new Kornit International Customer Support Three-tiered Program.

The ICS Three-tiered Program currently available for North American customers only, offers three levels of customised support services allowing customers to select the most suitable solution for their business, based on their specific support needs. The support programs provide a range of business benefits designed to assure ongoing, cost-effective, first-class customer care.

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