Flagz Group NZ Ltd announced today that it has acquired Bluegrass Flags and will merge Bluegrass into the Flagz Group. The deal represents a landmark event in the flags manufacturing industry in New Zealand, significantly increasing the dominant market position already held by Flagz Group.

A strong and respected brand, Bluegrass has manufactured in Auckland for more than 70 years. The addition of Bluegrass to the Flagz Group means the emergence of a major flag manufacturing company and one that is backed by operations at the forefront of flag manufacturing technology. The critical mass resulting from the acquisition will realise cost savings for customers and the benefits of the entrepreneurship practiced by Flagz Group during its own very respectable history will now be available to a wider market.

flagz_logo.jpgTraditionally an industry with an under-the-radar profile, flags manufacture is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide and growing. Flagz Group NZ Managing Director Shane Brown says, “In New Zealand and overseas we are seeing increased use of flags as a powerful promotional medium. Our customers constantly challenge us to provide them with new and improved options so we are delighted to extend this service to Bluegrass customers, and, we look forward to the new chapter in our history that meeting their needs will represent.”

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