Adi Display who market the Banner Ad TP-1600 fabric printer have sent out a newsletter with some calculations that would indicate that this printer can pay for itself by printing only five square metres per week.

This calculation is based on buyers taking advantage of the 30% tax break that is currently on offer by the government but expires on the 30th June.

William Qian, CEO of Adi Display produced the following calculations based on the purchase price of $59950.00.

First Year Tax Benefit
Depreciation expense for the first 12 months at 40%   $21,816.40 
30 % Government small business tax break for 2009  $16,362.30
GST claimable in the first of your purchase $5,454.00
Deductible interest experiences for the first 12 Months $4,011.48

Total deductible expense for the year* $47,644.18

* Based on $59,950 financed, 5 years hire purchase lease, at 8% interest rate.
* The claim of the machine paying for itself by printing less than 5 square metres per week is based on average ink and media cost at $8.50.

tp-1600web1.jpgThe TP-1600 is a digital textile printer built upon the direct dye sublimation technology. The system is integrated with a Japanese made printer, an inline heating unit and an air purifying unit. The machine is reputed to havebeen sold extensively across the world and was responsible for the printing of the thousands of flags for the Beijing Olympic 2008.

The machine was on show at the last Sydney VIIE show.

ADI Display

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