Audaces Automation demonstrates world's first vertical printer. 

The lack of space to fit in large format printers is no longer a problem with Audaces Tower Jet. Its vertical format is unique in the world market and is set to revolutionise the textile sector with space-efficient pattern printing using HP Thermal Inkjet Technology.

audaces.jpgThe Audaces Tower Jet is designed to meet the needs of clothing manufacturing companies by providing an efficient product that delivers economy, precision and agility, with the added advantage of requiring less space in the production line. Audaces has already delivered the vertical plotter to clothing manufacturing companies throughout the world.

Besides its unique format - vertical with 0.6m in width, 1.0m in depth and 2.3m in height - the Audaces Tower Jet has many speed options and has printing widths of 143, 163, 173 and 183cm. The technology allows the use of paper rolls with up to 250m in length, optimising the production process.

According to Claudio Grando, Audaces' business director, ‘The Audaces Tower Jet is a 'smart' plotter: you can schedule your production printings and it works by itself. In addition, it provides high productivity and low maintenance costs’.

The Audaces Tower Jet benefits from the company's partnership with HP Specialty Printing Systems (HP SPS). The plotter uses HP's patented Thermal Inkjet Technology to print patterns.

‘The use of HP cartridges in Audaces Tower Jet ensures easy operation and maintenance,’ says Sergio Nagano, regional sales manager, HP SPS.
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