GJS Machinery has introduced the subli-trans XPRES range of dye sublimation printers that touts fast printing speeds, energy efficiency, and high-capacity brilliant colour output.

Utilising a Ricoh engine, the subli-trans XPRES printers are the first non-Epson desktop inkjet sublimation transfer printer supported by GJS Machinery.


 Above: The GX5050N


 The GX7000

Specific to the new XPRES printers is a higher viscosity Sawgrass ink formulation that works exclusively with the Ricoh print head and is available in four-colour ink configuration (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

The subli-trans XPRES GX7000 can print an A4 page in 25 seconds (compared to 1:51 for an Epson 1410 and 1:45 for an Epson 4880) and an A3 page in just 44 seconds (compared to 3:10 for an Epson 1410 and 2:48 for an Epson 4880). Also available is the A4-only subli-trans XPRES GX5050N which boasts ever faster print speeds at 12 seconds.




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