To compliment the wide range of dye-sublimation systems currently on offer, the all new Ricoh GX Sprinter offers a new playing field.

Whilst Power Digital are still the proud distributor of the world acclaimed ArTainium UV+ Dye-sublimation inks and systems, they are now equally proud to release the Ricoh into the market to offer a greater choice and more flexibility.


No two people are alike, so why only offer one solution. The new Ricoh GX Sprinter has been designed with the end user in mind. The lightening fast speed and ease of use make it simple for any user.

Power Digital is also offering the SubliJet System for the Ricoh GX5050N and GX7000.  Touting fast printing speeds, energy efficiency, and high-capacity brilliant colour output, the Ricoh GX Sprinter systems offer new choices in sublimation printing.

Standard with the PowerDriver-R™ , the Ricoh GX Sprinter systems feature easy colour management and images with sharp details.

Offering the choice of either the PowerDriver-R™ or ICC Colour Profiles, allows users the versatility of printing with either PC or MAC and accuracy required to get the job done right. The PowerDriver-R™ is a quick and simple output driver delivering quality and performance at the click of a button.

The choice of either the Ricoh 5050N, A4 model or the Ricoh GX 7000 A3 model provides a solution for every user. The added bonus to this is that both printers are lightening fast, top quality and the cartridges are interchangeable between the two models.

The Ink:- Specific to the new Ricoh GX Sprinter systems is a higher viscosity ink formulation called SubliJet-R that works exclusively with the Ricoh print head. 

The four-colour ink configuration (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is available in two sizes of cartridges – 60 ml colour and the high-volume 68 ml black.

+ Utilises proven reliability of SubliJet-R inks – formulated specifically for the Ricoh – to consistently produce bright, vibrant, accurate colours.
+ Proprietary chemistry produces vibrant colours
+ Environmentally-friendly, water-based inks.
+ New, higher-viscosity formulation is dialled in for peak performance on the unique Ricoh print head.
+ Cartridges are not interchangeable with other Epson SubliJet solutions but can be used in other SubliJet-R solutions.

The PowerDriver-R™:- is the most advanced colour management software available for digital transfer systems. Developed specifically for SubliJet® desktop sublimation, PowerDriver delivers enhanced functionality and a higher level of color output. Sawgrass offers this free, user-friendly software to SubliJet users to easily achieve accurate, brilliant color output, print after print. 
“This machine creates many new opportunities in the desktop dye-sublimation industry” says Marketing Officer, Zoe McSkimmings of Power Digital. “The dye-sublimation industry has not seen many significant changes over the past few years, and this new offering is surely the change we have been waiting for. The quality, versatility and accuracy of this system are exceptional. The cartridge system along with the PowerDriver-R™ make it the perfect solution for someone wanting a user friendly solution that any staff member can use!”

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