GJS Machinery has announced the launch of their new entry level desktop dye sublimation printer system; the subli-trans A4 Dye Sublimation Printer.

Ideal for first time users of dye sublimation printing, the T30 printer offers a fast and economic photo printing solution.

subli-trans dye sublimation inks are exclusive to GJS Machinery and are licensed for use in the patented dye sublimation process.

"Used with our professionally created ICC colour management profiles, subli-trans inks provide accurate and consistent colour control while also being the most UV resistant dye sublimation inks available on the market". said Greg Stone of GJS Machinery.

"Our high-quality bulk ink systems offers production-type reliability while reducing your per-print page costs down to approximately $0.65 for an A4 colour print when purchasing 500mL ink refills", he said.


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