Flagz group in New Zealand has developed a new polyknit fabric that has taken digital printing of flags and banners to the next level.

Up until now digital printers of flags, using both dye sublimation and direct to fabric processes have struggled to achieve sufficient strike through using traditional flag making fabrics. The other issue has been a tendency for variation in colour between the printed side and the reverse side.

The PK2008 polyknit developed in New Zealand by Flagz Group has solved these problems and taken digital printing of flags and banners well and truly into the digital age.

 flagz_1.gif  flagz_2.gif

 Face image of digital print

 Back image of same digital print

The PK2008 fabric has a slightly more open weave than traditional polyknit but strength and durability have not been sacrificed. In fact according to Shane Brown, managing director of Flagz Group, performance has actually improved as well.  “The polyknit we use for screen printing is 105gsm, however the new PK2008 fabric is 125gsm and early indications are that the new fabric is actually outperforming the traditional fabrics in the field”.

According to Shane Brown, PK2008, whilst being developed initially for direct to fabric applications, it is also proving to be an excellent new market application for dye sublimation operations as well. “Digital printers are now able to compete more strongly in the flag business especially in the in short run corporate and event sector which continues to grow strongly”.

We are currently selling this fabric into Australia, Japan and the US market with outstanding performance.

Shane is looking for new markets including Distributors and end users, if you require any further information on the above opportunities please contact him direct.

Flagz Group Limited
Email: shane@flags.co.nz,

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