Soft signage is set to be revolutionised with the national launch of Adversol – a new high performance, eco-friendly textile range from Charles Parsons.

Whilst print specialists have been able to achieve vibrancy of colour through many different printing methods and improved machinery technology, it’s the ability to provide movement that has created an increased demand for textile usage in soft signage.

dfp740_image_01.gifAccording to Gary Di Losa, Adversol’s Sales and Product Development Manager, the demand for textiles has also been driven by growing environmental concerns amongst advertising and signage companies.

“More and more suppliers are seeking ‘eco-friendly’ and sustainable products for their clients. Adversol has been created with this in mind and the use of textiles as opposed to PVC minimizes the impact on the environment,” said Mr Di Losa.

All Adversol substrates are constructed from polyester which can be recycled as opposed to traditional mediums such as PVC, which head straight to landfill.

Polyester substrates are printed using disperse inks which support more eco friendly textile coloration.

“Our textiles are more light weight, take less space to store and can be folded – reducing costly transport charges.

“Adversol can be used with confidence both in and outdoors thanks to advances in finishing techniques which enable increased UV and moisture resistance, which ensure textiles are better suited to the ever changing Australian environment.

“They don’t expand in warm weather or crack in the cold. Adversol is also easier to handle and is more financially competitive than traditional mediums.”

adversol_logo.gifThe entire Adversol range is supplied in a ready-to-print format and complies with the Australian Building Code AS/NZS 3837-1998.

Adversol’s range is suitable for many different signage and point of sale applications, with its fabrics catering for all screen, dye sublimation, direct, and solvent printing requirements.

Charles Parsons

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