When the ceiling of the indoor skiing arena Skihalle in Neuss, Germany, had to be re-clad at the end of last year. Management were on the lookout for a printable textile that could be used in the restyling of the hall’s ‘sky’.

Just the perfect conditions for Junkers & Müllers’ Mediatex Presto, a water-repellent and waterproof textile that will not show any moisture stains even after years of installation. The product is also stretchable and can therefore be easily installed into the existing internal ceiling frame system. And high-grade print brilliance guarantees outstanding image results – in this case a photo-realistic representation of a sky that is covering the entire catering and entrance area of the ski hall with beautiful fair-weather clouds.


Mediatex Presto already passed its first acid test with flying colours. After many years under harsh conditions, the textile cladding of the ceiling in the skiing arena’s event area had suffered badly.  Moisture stains and an unsightly green discolouration of the formerly blue material made replacement imperative. However, this time the search was on for a resilient, long-lasting fabric that could preferably also be printed with a realistic sky design. 

In the first instance only a small section of the entrance hall was covered with the printed fabric, so that the impact of the motif as well as the quality of the material could be established. However, the arena’s management was so delighted with the results that Junkers & Müllers’ Mediatex® Presto passed the acid test and has now be installed on the entire 500m² of ceiling space.

Mediatex Presto is available in width of up to 308 cm and can be printed with all solvent, eco-solvent and UV-hardened inks. It is also certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex standard, just like all of Junkers & Müllers’ products.

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