A direct dye sub textile printer has been launched but it looks like this one is for the US market only.

gi_velotexmachineshadow_jpg.jpgPrintVillage, Inc. and its digital dye sublimation division, US Sublimation has introduced the Velotex Xpress direct dye sublimation system for graphics, flag and banner production. A self-contained, single-step, "affordable" textile printing system designed specifically for the trade show graphics, sign and flag industries. They say it creates products that cannot be made with conventional printers, such as table coverings, double-sided flags and drapes.

Ken Bach, US Sublimation's channel sales director said, "The Velotex Xpress is easy to operate and as safe as an aqueous wide-format printer, with all the outdoor benefits of a solvent printer. The Velotex Xpress offers high quality, low cost, high margins, and environmental friendliness that is unprecedented in the outdoor/indoor market. With the Velotex Xpress, you no longer have to choose among price, color quality and environmental concerns as you do with vinyl. The Velotex Xpress creates products that have a better look and feel, a lighter weight and better wind resistance, making it the perfect display material."

US Sublimation

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