Condé Systems has introduced the DyeTrans GX7000, the first non-Epson desktop ink jet sublimation transfer printer supported by Condé Systems.

dyetransgx7000_logo.gifThe manufacturers claim that the unit is a faster and simpler counterpart to the DyeTrans 1400 and is an extremely cost-effective printer that boasts amazing image quality, an incredibly fast print speed, and up to three separate paper trays. "For years, customers have been asking for printer alternatives in the Epson-dominated desktop sublimation industry," said David Gross, President of Condé. “We're very excited to now offer our customers the heavy-duty, expandable, and fast DyeTrans GX7000."

The GX7000's 4-colour printing utilises next generation Sawgrass sublimation gel ink cartridges (CMYK) - providing an initial ink cost savings over 6-colour and 8-colour cartridge printers with none of the hassles of a bulk ink delivery system.

For maximum user convenience and productivity, the GX7000 provides up to three paper sources - a standard 250-sheet paper tray (up to 11"x17"), an optional 250-sheet paper feed unit (up to 11"x17"), and an optional 100-sheet Multi-Bypass Tray (up to 13"x19"). Provided ICC Profiles support Windows 98 and up (32-bit) and include the Macintosh platform. Visit for additional information.
Condé offers everything needed to get into the custom imprinting business including transfer systems, production software, blank imprintables, transfer paper and supplies, instructional videos, and educational workshops. Condé's digital transfer systems are targeted towards screen printers, embroiderers, photographers, sign makers, engravers, and home business entrepreneurs as a means to increase revenue through add-on sales. During all stages of product selection, sales, and post sales, Condé offers expert knowledge and superior customer support. Condé and DyeTrans are trademarks of Condé Systems, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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