Many manufacturers label their products “green” without really being able to furnish proof of ecological harmlessness. The Oeko-Tex Standard has clearly raised the bar for the textiles industry in this regard.
kotex_label.gifThe Oeko-Tex Standard 100 has enabled textile manufacturers since 1992 to voluntarily test the human ecological characteristics of their products in order to obtain certification of compliance. The textile institutes are internationally recognised, independent and work to a uniform standard worldwide. In recent years, this has lead the Oeko-Tex Standard to become the globally leading label for pollutant-tested textiles.
Junkers & Müllers has had all of its Mediatex textiles tested in line with this standard and received the label “Textile Trust”. This label equates responsible textile manufacture – from the raw materials to the finished product. For the users it means they are getting trustworthy product descriptions that help make the right purchasing decision. They can rely on the purchase of high quality and harmless products. The use of e.g. phthalates, AZO compounds, formaldehyde or extractable heavy metals is prohibited.  Odour and emission of volatile components are also tested. The end-consumer can be assured of purchasing ecologically harmless products and can have complete trust in the manufacturer.
Through certification, Junkers & Müllers is aiming to send a clear signal and help its customers beat a path through the “green jungle”.

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