Xtep, a Chinese clothing manufacturer have launched a new screen printed sportswear line using silicone textile printing inks from Dow Corning that have a good performance and environmental profile.

The inks are solvent free and can be washed and ironed repeatedly. Dow Corning say that the inks offer superior colour fastness to traditional inks and do not contain organotin, phthalate, formaldehyde, PVC or any solvent.

“This is suitable for most natural and synthetic fabrics, including polyester and spandex” , said a spokesman for Dow Corning.

 “We had not used silicone screen printing inks before and decided it would give us an advantage over our competition,” said Mr Jiaye Wang, Vice President of Xtep’s Garment Center. “Dow Corning’s technical service team worked closely with us to test and qualify the silicone ink technology.”

Earlier this year, Xtep had used Dow Corning’s inks for its X-Nature series of t-shirts. Each of these t-shirts includes a special hangtag designed by Xtep that describes the benefits of using Dow Corning Silicone Textile Printing Ink.

Mr  Zhangli Lin, Vice President of Xtep’s Finery Center said,  “We are proud to include Dow Corning on the product hangtag. With this technology, our products have an innovative advantage.”

Dow Corning
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