MacDermid has announced the launch of three new Aspect Quadra film output systems. The new Quadra-III systems are the third generation of the popular line of digital pre-press equipment.

The Quadra-III systems, available in 54", 64" and 74" widths, utilise versions of the Roland XJ line of printers, but incorporate modifications specific to the requirements of film positive and negative generation.

According to Dennis DiValerio, Director of Prepress Product Development for MacDermid Autotype, "We've worked closely with both Roland and Wasatch to make sure the Quadra-III systems are absolutely state-of-the-art. New software drivers were written that enhance both registration and length accuracy. Friction-free film transport and modifications to the low-tension take-up reel provide very reliable film-to-film fit. Advancements like these make this new generation by far the best Aspect Quadras we've built."
He continued," Other improvements available in Quadra-III systems include wider, symmetrically spaced grit rollers which virtually eliminate skew, new larger 3mm ink feed lines, and improved large capacity ink dampers that eliminate ink starvation. A new design belt drives the head carriage thus eliminating the need for cable tension monitoring. The stand is redesigned and more rigid than previous models, eliminating any swaying motions."

With printing speeds as high as 80 sq. ft. per hour and a halftone capability range of 35-75 lpi, the Aspect Quadra is ideal for producing film positives for textile applications. All Aspect Quadra systems come complete with all the hardware, software and consumables necessary to begin producing top quality film positives and simulated color proofs.

MacDermid Autotype

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