Like any Olympic city, Beijing has been aflutter with Olympic flags and banners flying for the duration of the games and the new SubTEX FabriJET played an integral role in flag and banner production.

beijing_2.gifThe athletes were not the only stars of the show, a bank of 12 x FabriJET CS-1600 printers were assembled, 7 in the manufacturing/assembly factory in Shenyang and 5 printers were utilised from FabriJET customers in Bejing.  The CS-1600 printers printed 1500 flags of a size of 1000mmx2400mm at a speed of 15.5sqm per hour. 

The 12 printers were operated 24 hours per day for a 6 day period.

In the spirit of the “Green Games” new polyester fabrics have been used that have a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional PVC vinyl banners.

An excert from Wikipedia (The environmentalist group Greenpeace has advocated the global phase-out of PVC because they claim dioxin is produced as a by product of vinyl chloride both in the manufacture and from the incineration of waste PVC in domestic garbage. Dioxins are a global health threat because they persist in the environment and can travel long distances. At very low levels dioxins have been linked to immune system suppression, reproductive disorders, a variety of cancers, and endometriosis).

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