At Sign & Display 2008 Tokyo/Japan (August 28-30, 2008) Gandinnovations will partner with3P InkJet Textiles AG to produce output that will show both products off to best advantage.

Gandinnovations will showcase their new Jeti AquaJet printer, a 3.2 meter water-based direct to fabric printer with a range of 3P Value products.

The 3P green Value products are 100 % recyclable, free of harmful substances and environmental friendly.

Thomas Pötz said, director of marketing and product development of 3P InkJet Textiles AG said that the new member of 3P's Value line Value Premium Flag FR (IQ-IJ 601) was specially prepared for optimised image quality with vivid colours and high definition on both sides. The weatherproof solution for outdoor applications shows perfect image sharpness and vivid colours on both sides when printed with dye sublimation direct or transfer inks. The ink penetrates the polyester at 100%. Consequently there is no difference visible between front and back side. The 110 g/m2 tear resistant polyester with a matte finish passes flame retardant tests in Europe and USA.

The matt awarded Value Display FR (IQ-IJ 675) is qualified for any sort of display application. The glossy substitute is Value Satin FR (IQ-IJ 677) and for maximum versatility 3P additionally offers Value Gloss FR (IQ-IJ 673), a medium-weight glossy display media. The flame retardant materials meet global flammability standards.

3P Inkjet Textiles AG

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