PDI has successfully secured the sole and exclusive distribution rights for the SubTEX FabriJET range of in-line direct to textile fabric printers.

There are three printers in the range from 1080mm wide to 1850mm and according to PDI CEO, Grant Donsworth, the printers are based on proven Japanese print engines.

subtex fabrijet cs-2000.gifHe said that the technology is digital dyesublimation combining a disperse dye ink and polyester fabrics. The printers are ideally suited for flags, banners, pennants and all types of soft signage and combine a print engine and an in-line heat setting chamber so that the end result is a ready to sew product. The systems include a fume extraction unit so that the only by product is hot air.

The printers are supplied standard with a bladder based bulk ink system that provides 1 litre of ink per colour, RIP software and QuadCORE PC to run the software.

The below system pricing is a turn key operation, meaning there are no options and nothing more to buy.

This new range of printers will bring direct to fabric in-line dyesublimation printing to the masses.

The range consists of 3 models;
SubTEX FabriJET CS-1080 - $39,990 + GST
SubTEX FabriJET CS-1600 - $59,990 + GST
SubTEX FabriJET CS-2000 - $79,990 + GST

The manufacturers have a world wide installed base of over 300 units and are currently shipping over 60 units per month. The Bejing Olympics have over 1500 flags produced on the CS-1600.

Princeton Digital Imaging Pty Ltd


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