Allowing you to instantly measure areas for signs and irregular shapes that would have made Pythagoras himself nervous, it’s fair to say Spike by ikeGPS ruled the Spicers stand at the recent Visual Impact show in Brisbane.

As the exclusive reseller in Australia, Spicers utilised the popular show to exhibit the instrumental smart laser measurement solution.

"Spike allows you to capture realtime measurements and location of an object  from a photo. All you need to do is take an image of the area you need to measure. The Spike device attaches to Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones or tablets and works with the Spike app to quickly give you the real time measurements you require for your estimating and installation needs,’ explains Wayne Hood, Spicers National Sales Specialist -- Self-Adhesive Vinyl. ‘It really is that easy,’
Spike pictureOriginally developed in New Zealand, the measuring tool has become indispensable in the US, and this trend is looking to be repeated here.

‘It just makes logical sense. Why hire an expensive scissor lift or mess around with ladders and tape measures when you can simply take a picture? Safer, easier, quicker and more accurate, Spike can tick all the boxes in a snap,’ adds Wayne.

With Spike, the time to measure objects is reduced from hours to minutes and its built in laser rangefinder and bluetooth makes it work seamlessly with your smartphone or tablet camera, GPS, compass and internet connection. Spike's easy to use App measurement tools allows you to record height, width, area length and target location within the app or on your desktop using its cloud-based software, giving you the flexibility to measure when and how you want to.

You will be able to reference your photos and measurements at any time in case you want to make changes or take additional measurements without returning to the site. Photo measurements can be exported as a PDF, JPG or Spike File (XML) and instantly shared via email.

At the end of the Visual Impact Brisbane show an impressive tally of 29 units were sold by Spicers, with more in the pipeline.

‘Spike will become as ubiquitous as a calculator in the sign and display world,’ predicts Wayne. ‘We encourage anyone who is interested to contact us for an in-person demo of Spike. It comes with a 30-day, money-back guarantee, giving you time to test Spike at your convenience.”

But Spicers is confident you won’t return Spike. It is sure to deliver benefits beyond measure!




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