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Agfa' Asanti Suite now optimised for wide format printing operators

Agfa have had huge success with their Asanti Suite in the commercial printing, packaging and newspaper industry, now Agfa engineers have applied their experience with production workflow mangement to offer wide format printers the same benefits.

The Asanti Suite comprises three main modules

:Asanti Render
Asanti Render provides a workflow solution for the Sign & Display market, using a single graphical user interface.
For rendering data, the Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.0 is being used to render files to a wide range of Agfa Graphics' and non-Agfa Graphics' large format printers.
Asanti Render, the core module of the Asanti workflow, is a single platform ripping solution designed for straightforward output. It takes a wide range of files in for rendering with the Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.0.The integrated Color Management takes care of a consistent and predictable output on Agfa and non-Agfa large format printers. With Asanti, colour settings can be generated and applied once, and controlled automatically, maintaining correct emulation of spot colours and minimizing Delta E parameters for multi-device consistency. Requirements for matching Pantone process colours and ICC compliant profiles to ISO12647-2, Fogra and G7 can also be automated for accurate results that match industry standards. Asanti gives users end-to-end quality for reliable and accurate colour fidelity and performance, offering full compatibility with pre-determined ICC profiles as well as the ability for users to generate their own custom profiles. As a key ingredient within a successful workflow, Agfa Graphics has ensured full process optimization so that predictable results are guaranteed across all output devices. The end result is consistency and simplicity in color management. This feature-rich color management software integrates effortless with Asanti Workflow Prepress Suite

:Asanti Production

Asanti Production is a complete and affordable Sign & Display workflow solution, including PDF creation and Preflighting. With a fully configurable solution according to your needs, Asanti Production works in a full automatic mode, still allowing you to control the production process. As a scalable solution, Asanti Production can execute different tasks on multiple servers, resulting in a reliable and predictable output on a wide range of Agfa Graphics' and non-Agfa Graphics' printers.
In order to remain competitive, sign-makers and display producers must focus on efficiency and reliability, reducing costs and time and eliminate errors. The value of Asanti's pre-flighting proves itself in time and cost savings when users are now able to avoid errors that might show up during the production process.
 No longer do operators have to worry about the format and resolution of image files, unwanted RGB content, corrupt and missing fonts, or the appearance of non-printing and hidden data and objects. Automated checking of PDF files takes away the hit-and-miss elements of file preparation, ensuring layers and transparency are handled correctly.
 Asanti's powerful pre-flighting speeds up production throughput, reducing idle time on wide-format printers, and standardizes all processes to simplify workflow and eliminate production errors. The result is greater quality control, faster turnaround and lower waste. SISR (Smart Input Space Recognition - Agfa's patented technology) determines the color characteristics of images based on Gray balance, total ink, start K, max K, Gamut, dot gain, … It will calculate the probable match between the characteristics of the image and those of the SISR profile-list. SISR enables color validation of PDFs, and warns for unsafe color definitions. Problems in terms of color will be avoided.
 This new workflow solution is complemented by Asanti StoreFront, a web-to-print system that is based on cloud technology and requires minimal up-front investment. This easy-to-use online shopping solution is designed to help users grow their businesses and explore new markets. It handles incoming orders and their status via its dashboard, integrating seamlessly with Asanti to generate timesaving, error-free features throughout the job handling process.

:Asanti StoreFront

Asanti StoreFront is a cloud-based web-to-print solution that enables print service providers to create and manage online stores for offset as well as digital print.
The integrated Online Editor makes it easy for customers to personalize print or to translate or regionalize documents. Typical examples include adapting prices on displays, positioning logos on signage or adding QR codes to posters.
For advertising campaigns, store decoration and other types of recurring orders, stores can include a library of designs which will either be printed on demand or delivered from stock.
Print buyers can be given the option to upload a file that they need printed. They can specify the output size or select from a range of predefined sizes. An optional preflight check makes sure images have the proper resolution and all fonts are included in the submitted file.
Asanti StoreFront supports non-print products, such as gadgets, rollbannerstands, frames or mounting brackets.
Asanti StoreFront allows print service providers to target various markets and web-to-print applications. Its main focus is on the business-to-business market. Asanti StoreFront can be used to set up multiple web-to-print stores that each target a specific business customer, such as a retail chain or advertising agency. Orders can be easily monitored and the order fulfillment process can be streamlined. Such stores are an ideal way of extending your service offering and improving customer retention.
Asanti StoreFront can also be used to set up a public store, which is accessible to anyone with an internet connection. This enables printers to extend their geographic reach and expand their market.

:Asanti Enhancers

The Asanti enhancers will help to improve the level of automation of your workflow.
To meet changing performance requirements, Asanti can also be scaled according to the needs of the large format printer and his business. Having a wide variety of enhancers, functionality can be added to boost Asanti with more control, automation and job management features. Productivity enhancers will increase your production, while connectivity enhancers will expand your output possibilities


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