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High capacity inkjet filter capsule for superwide printers

Inprinta has announced the launch of the new Microcap+, a large capsule filter for inkjet systems with high throughput.

As digital printing systems increase in size and print speed, standard filter capsules are limited in their efficiency due to the small filtration
area available.  Providing a solution to high throughput, the new Microcap+ contains 60% more filter media than standard Microcap
IN0290 Capsule Filtercapsule filters, whilst still retaining a compact housing design.  
The Microcap+ capsule extends the capabilities of previous generation products with new features that deliver unmatched high efficiency
ink filtration, longer operational life and continued reliability. These include a 0.5um-50um filtration rating with 800cm² effective filter area,
secondary ‘Vyon’ filter core for added security and a high throughput configuration for minimal pressure drop.
Microcap+ capsules are self-contained, ready to use, disposable devices. The filter is constructed with natural or opaque black polypropylene
housing and comes with secure 6mm 90° Jaco connectors. The new Microcap+ inkjet filter capsules provide consistent, reliable printing
performance with maximised print head protection.