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Colourgrafix expands on the Gold Coast

With at least two suppliers packing their bags on the Gold Coast and moving up to Brisbane, Colourgrafix has stated that they intend to take up the slack left by these suppliers.
Colourgrafix_building_2With distribution for Agfa, Mutoh and Epson and a broad range of media and inks, the company is currently celebrating their third birthday on a high note, especially in the light of the fact that two major competitors have left the Gold Coast.

Philip Burrell and Vincent Marot started the business three years ago determined to fill a gap in the service side and both gentlemen report today that it has paid off. "Sign companies and wide format printers in our area have been charged exhorbitant fees for service calls in the past and it was our intention to supply a service based on a fair price, the formula has certainly worked since we are expanding our business whilst others are leaving.

We enjoy what we do and have a real passion for our industry.  When the good times return we will all be in an even stronger position  and better prepared”.



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