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The real reason workers leave, and how to make them stay

Lead researcher of global HR think-tank Reventure, Dr Lindsay McMillan said this latest research joins mounting evidence that employees are looking for greater purpose and meaning at work.

The key elements of manpower planning

If material resources can be systematically programmed, why can't the same approach be applied to human resources? That's what manpower planning attempts to do.

Goal Setting

Many authorities on business management identify five functions of management: planning, organising, directing, controlling and coordinating. The planning and controlling functions often get less attention from managers of business than they should. One way to strengthen both of these functions is through effective goal setting.

Increase efficiency, eliminate waste

Business statesmanship consists of knowing, controlling and directing forces which react favourably or unfavourably upon the progress of

Add enthusiasm to your life and to your Job

When we think about the qualities we need to succeed in business, we usually think about initiative, assertiveness, competence. Add enthusiasm to this list.

Here's how you can make delegation work

Delegating work, responsibility and authority is difficult because it means letting others make decisions which  involve, among other things, spending company money.

People — Our Most Vital Resource

The Australian or New Zealand business executive is constantly being reminded that we have a critical shortage of skilled, professional and managerial manpower which may throttle our economic growth.

The Human Manager

As we progress technologically, so our purely human problems seem to become more and more intractable. In our eagerness to innovate, we unintentionally distort values. To redress the balance, we need to re-evaluate our concepts of what makes a well-balanced life.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales Management

by John Treace
I have been part of many business turnarounds in my career, and in all situations I have noted the errors consistently made by sales management, all of which negatively impact team morale and sales. Here are seven of the deadly sins of sales management.

Best Recruiting Tips

By Anony Mili

Human Resources: Best recruiting tips to make the right hire.

The aging population and the skills shortage

by Alison Stieven-Taylor

Right now millions of baby boomers are approaching retirement. Couple this with birth rates at an all time low or in serious decline in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and other developed countries, and the workforce of the future is in serious jeopardy. And potentially headed for even more challenges as we enjoy better health and live longer.

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit

by Alison Stieven-Taylor

The word entrepreneur conjures various descriptions depending on whom you talk to.  Some think an entrepreneur is a genius, a person who comes up with ideas that no one else could and turns them into multi-million dollar successes – like the guy who thought of the Post-It Note and made 3M a household name.