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Harman Technologies of the UK acquires Kentmere Photographic Photographic

Leading UK based manufacturer of photography products and inkjet papers, Harman Technology Limited, has extended its business portfolio with the acquisition of Kentmere Photographic. The move will see Kentmere joining Harman’s two other highly successful brands – Ilford Photo and Harman Photo.

Harman initiated the deal as part of its acquisitive growth strategy and in-line with its commitment to being seen as the natural home for high-quality imaging products. Kentmere’s directors meanwhile cited a desire to concentrate on their core and more extensive activities in print and packaging as the main reason for the sale. This side of Kentmere’s business remains totally unaffected by the buy-out.

Following the acquisition, Harman has also stressed that the Kentmere brand will continue to offer the same product range with the same marketing approach. It will however enjoy the benefits of being backed by a larger organisation. These benefits include access to the expertise and additional investment, as well as the established export channels (to markets such as the United States), to take its success further.

Harman Technology Ltd