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In a move that sees Starleaton dealing directly with the manufacturer, the company has announced it is sourcing its UV-curing liquid laminators directly from the manufacturer, Alliance Technology Corporation based in Maryland, USA.

“Seal and Neschen have decided to focus on the UV liquid consumable and separate the hardware from its UV portfolio. The Neschen and Seal-branded UV liquid laminators have been made under license by ATC for


Neschen AG,” says General Manager Ben Eaton. “The good news is that nothing changes for our Australian UV liquid laminating customers, we will have the same machines with a different badge on them and the same UV liquids to go in them. Service and support will not be affected.” The Aqueous based liquid coating technologies are still being produced in-house by SEAL at their Wisconsin plant.

“Liquid laminators using UV curing offer higher productivity and much lower cost per square metre than film, “continues Eaton, “however, the hardware costs are greater than your traditional roll laminator so you need high throughput to justify the investment. By dealing directly with the manufacturer, we will now be able to offer UV liquid laminating as an even more competitive option for our larger customers.”

Former Neschen Americas President Ernie Precious has been appointed to a consulting roll with ATC. His knowledge and expertise in the liquid laminating field is invaluable for awareness of the benefits offered by UV liquid lamination. The laminators installed in Australia include the 60UV (60” or 1524mm width) and 80UV (80” or 2032mm width) models and wider/narrower versions are available.

“To celebrate our ATC appointment, we are offering hardware and consumable savings totaling anything up to $25,000 on new sales to the end of 2010,” says Eaton.

Starleaton has a 900mm width UV liquid laminator up and running in its Brookvale, Sydney showroom.

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