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Share your Knowledge

If you have a useful Tip or Trick or a shortcut that you would like to share with the rest of the industry, please send it to us for posting on this page. Send to Thank you.

Colour matching
When printing a large job that needs to be tiled.
Rotate every 2nd panel 180º.
This will ensure the colour matches on each panel to the previous panel.
Better quality canvas prints

Try using a minimum of 300 dpi image for your canvas prints. Sure the're big. But BIG is BEAUTIFUL.
Supplied by Les Jenkins, PixLES, (02) 42 566 000
Vinyl cutter problems

If the vinyl cutter skips, when cutting curves, leaving short cut marks, and then no cut marks (like a dashed line), chances are all you need to do is put a drop of oil in the blade holder, as the problem is that the cutting blade is not turning as the curve is being transgressed.

Use a lightbox to help with weeding

Using a lightbox, or any lightsource behind the vinyl will help you distinguish all the cuts when weeding.

One of the most common problems I see.....
Excessive use of fonts is one of the most common problems I see
in signage and design. Keep it simple, try not to use two many different script or serif fonts together in one document. Don't always trust the pre-set letter spacing your computer spits out. If it looks wrong, tighten up the spacing. It will make your designs look more professional and also shows your attention to detail. Happy Typing!
Dion Bennett, Achtung Design