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Pimp your walls

By Denise Nathan

There is no excuse for boring white on white interiors with the stunning range of wall films available in the market. Completely transforming interiors and creating an interesting and inviting atmosphere couldn’t be easier.

The exciting thing about self- adhesive wall films is that they provide sign and print companies with a whole new market to service, increasing business opportunities and profitability. Offering customised wall décor allows customers to get exactly the design they want. Offices and commercial spaces can

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be completely revamped with stunning murals. Hotels, banks and business can decorate and incorporate their branding into any design. Restaurants and bars can instantly refurbish cost effectively and with minimal disruption to business.  If the wall graphics get damaged then replacement is far easier than with traditional wallpaper where a design may become obsolete. With self –adhesive, replacement graphics can be printed at any time. The creative and practical applications are limitless.
Choosing the right film is critical as the film is likely to be on the wall for some time. The film is the foundation of any installation and as with anything if you start with a weak foundation you can compromise the whole job. Applying onto walls is a pretty simple application so the features to look for in a film are in the adhesive. Customers often have no idea what kind of paint was used on the wall surface so it is always a good idea to test the film prior to application and in the same format that will be used on the job (i.e.  if the film is printed test a printed sample). If the film does not adhere well in 24 to 48 hours then it should not be used. If you do not have the chance to test the surface then you can reduce the risk by choosing a film with a high grade, aggressive adhesive that is specifically recommended for these kinds of applications.
For commercial applications Fire Retardant Classifications may be necessary so it pays to check whether the film you choose meets the safety expectations of the building.
Wall films come in a variety of finishes and textures from flat paper, to medium to heavy textures to suit any environment. You can also create unusual finishes by choosing structured laminates that have an embossed texture in them to bring prints to life. You can create wood grain, leather, metal, crystal, velvet and linen finishes and add an authentic and interesting dimension to any wall.
There are a number of exciting opportunities to explore with wall films. The biggest challenge is making interior designers and architects aware of the benefits self- adhesive brings.


Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania

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