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Pimp your ride

By Denise Nathan

Now you can make a fashion statement with your vehicle, command attention on the road or simply change visual aspects of your car to your own tastes.

Tuning Films allow you to create customised finishes on any vehicle without compromising the resale value of the car. Tuning Films allow for innovative paint finishes that would normally cost thousands of dollars in a paint shop or finishes that simply cannot be achieved with paint. Best of all when it comes time to sell the vehicle the film can be removed returning the car to the original, more saleable colour.

Car tuning is the latest trend in vehicle personalization and it is not just for boy racers! Trends overseas show luxury car owners are just as keen to change their vehicle’s appearance to something unique.

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For vehicle wrapping traditionally high end cast films or films with a very thin gauge are used. These films are more suited to advertising and corporate branding. Tuning Films are different as they are really designed to replace paint and as such need to have features and benefits to match.

tf4Tuning Films are much thicker and more robust. They are there to provide a long term paint replacement system and need to be durable enough to withstand the rigours of being applied to a moving vehicle that will be exposed to scratches, stone chips, mechanical abrasion ( car washes) and a variety of environmental conditions. Paint can also be exposed to petrol spillages and salt (in climates with snow) and so a film that can withstand these conditions should be chosen.  Tuning Film will actual preserve the residual value of any vehicle as the original paint remains underneath the film, protected at all times.

As every inch of the vehicle is wrapped the film you use has to perform and offer superior durability in horizontal as well as vertical applications. Not all vehicle wrap films are warranted for horizontal applications so this is a very important feature to look for.

Tuning Films must be cost effective and able to be installed easily and quickly in order to be price competitive with paint. Most importantly the film needs to be removed without damaging the underlying paint work. Removal should be fast and easy. If the film breaks into thousands of pieces or leaves a large amount of adhesive behind then the cost of clean-up is high and personalising vehicles with film can become prohibitive to customers. Choosing the right film will ensure removal is fast and residue free.

Tuning Films can be used for corporate fleets to standardise colours (taxis, courier vehicles, vans and other sales fleets), customers looking for unique paint finishes and colours and also on other substrates such as laptops, phones or hard interior surfaces of vehicles. Finishes range from matt, high gloss colours to carbon fibre, leather, iridescent, metal and other unique looks.

Tuning Films offer exciting new opportunities for sign companies specialising in vehicle application.




Denise Nathan is Marketing Manager - MACtac in Oceania