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Vinyl Tips and Tricks - 3 ways to reduce curling on vinyl

By Stefano Lioia from Hexis in Italy

If you have found edge curling on printed vinyl, then Stefano Lioia from Hexis has offered these suggestions on how to overcome the problem.

Pimp your walls

By Denise Nathan

There is no excuse for boring white on white interiors with the stunning range of wall films available in the market. Completely transforming interiors and creating an interesting and inviting atmosphere couldn’t be easier.

Pimp your ride

By Denise Nathan

Now you can make a fashion statement with your vehicle, command attention on the road or simply change visual aspects of your car to your own tastes.

 Creating Art with Self Adhesive Film
By Denise Nathan

The media and technology offered by our industry can be used in a number of creative and exciting ways beyond advertising, branding and decoration projects.
With a huge selection of innovative films available and the flexibility self- adhesive media offers, artists are choosing our technology to realise their creative projects.

Create stunning interiors with film
By Denise Nathan

Today you can find an impressive range of innovative and high performance films for modern interior design.