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SAi sponsored articles

A sign of things to come: New technologies for the sign & display sector and the opportunities they present

By Michelle Johnson - Marketing Manager at SAi
Even if your knowledge of them is only very minimal, it’s possible that terms like augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and 3D printing are not completely new to you. These are just some of the technologies that are increasingly stealing news coverage among mainstream and technology media. If they deliver on their promise, then such technologies are set to unleash opportunities across a host of applications in a wide array of industry sectors. 

Looking beyond the RIP: The importance of seeking the right provider

Looking beyond the RIP: The importance of seeking the right provider
By Michelle Johnson - Marketing Manager at SAi
As the saying goes, ‘the difference between something good and something great, is the attention to detail’. I think this is true of many aspects of life, particularly when it comes to business.

Showtime: The changing shape of print/sign industry exhibitions and why that’s good news for you the visitor

There was a time not long ago, when some within the large format printing/sign industry predicted the end of tradeshows as we know them, seemingly happy to consign their model to the past and assume a more modern, Internet-driven way of doing things.
Thankfully, these people were wrong – at least insofar as the fundamental demise of tradeshows. Where, perhaps by happenchance, they were right, is that the traditional format has indeed evolved – in a good way.