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Using the 3-point curve tool in CorelDRAW® 12

The 3-point curve tool lets you draw smooth, precise curves quickly and easily, eliminating the need to worry about nodes and node-editing.

You can also use this tool to trace bitmaps.

Each of these curves was created with two clicks of the 3-point curve tool.

To draw a curve with the 3-point curve tool, simply specify the start point, end point, and middle point (apex) of the curve. You can preview the curve and adjust its shape while drawing.

To draw a curve with the 3-point curve tool

  • Open the Curve flyout, and click the 3-point curve tool.  3point_curve_position_02.jpg

    The 3 point curve tool is located in the toolbox, on the Curve flyout.

  • Click where you want to start the curve, drag to where you want the curve to end, and release the mouse button.
  • Move the pointer to where you want the apex of the curve to be. A dynamic preview of the curve appears, helping you make adjustments on the fly. Click when the curve is the shape you want.
    The resulting curve contains only two nodes - a start node and an end node.



Drawing a 3-point curve


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