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The right stock at the right place at the right time - that's iConsignment
by Colleen Bate

When I attended Printex last month, I happened to come across an interesting yet unassuming product called iConsignment. I didn't know what it was at the time – I merely noticed an understated paper rack displayed cleverly on the BJ Ball stand, but it held some appeal to the minimalist in me.

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What’s so great about my UV printer?
This story was supplied by: Bordeaux Digital PrintInk -

It is no surprise that UV printers are the fastest growing printer sector in the wide format digital printing market despite their cost compared to printers of other digital printing technologies.

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The printing industry: One industry or many?
By James Cryer of JDA Print Recruit

Life used to be simple, there was ONE printing industry and that was offset! These days it comprises numerous specialist sectors especially within packaging and signage all vying for attention but perhaps feeling somewhat overshadowed by the larger traditional offset or “commercial” printing sector.

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Agfa Graphics, discusses Low Migration UV Inkjet inks
By Marc Graindourze, Marketing Manager Industrial Inks at Agfa Graphics.
Agfa Graphics has become the leading supplier of Low Migration inks (LM) UV-curable inkjet inks¬ to system integrators and OEM’s that are building printing solutions. These printing systems are often integrated in a complete production line for printing on foils or labels (sheet-to-sheet, roll-to-roll or roll-to-sheet) or direct onto the package container, thereby also saving the cost of the label material.

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Drupa's Global Trend report states that wide format print is commonplace with commercial printers

Drupa has released a report on 'Drupa Global Trends' and will publish another report series on 'Drupa Global Insights'. Both reports study for the first time the trends and major changes in the international print and media sector at both global and regional levels.

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Ipex 2014: Transforming print into value

By Angelina Stojsavljevic, Group Marketing Manager, Ipex 2014

The print, media and publishing landscape looks very different today than it did ten or even five years ago. Yet, despite print volumes declining in some segments[1], in others print continues to grow despite the evolution of so much traditionally printed media into digital forms.

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Building Construction, Furniture and Fittings - Today's Best Practice in Achieving Functional and Decorative Coatings
David Helsby, President, RadTech Europe, explores this very relevant process

Architectural fittings and infrastructure, flooring, furniture and appliances may seem to have little in common except their intended final location – a building… but they are, in fact, linked by a process in their manufacture that is lean, green, and cost-effective: energy curing of adhesives, resins, and other coatings.

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Memjet update - Memjet takes its ‘Think Fast’ Story to the MPS (Managed Print Services) channel

Those close to the printing and imaging industry know the Memjet saga has been a long and winding one. Memjet and its (former) parent, Silverbrook Research, went public in 2007 with a stunning technology story supported by thousands of patents, dramatically fast printing demos and a business model that offered a far less expensive cost per page for speedy color printing.

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Smart Inking: reducing ink costs with effective colour management

In what remain tough trading conditions, Dean Derhak, Product Director at SAi, explains how both effective colour management and media profiling can help sign shops and large format print providers slash ink costs and still keep customers coming back.

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New regulations will drive the carbon management in Asia-Pacific

Carbon reporting requirements in Asia-Pacific will increase due to several factors, such as increased regulatory requirements, growing awareness of climate change, and greater demand from investors and other stakeholders for disclosure of non-financial information, says research company, Ovum.

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Drupa 2012 report back on the wide format sector

By Andy McCourt

Drupa is a contraction of the German words ‘Druck’ for ‘print’ and ‘Papier’ for ‘paper.’ Every four or so years since 1951, this trade fair has been the focal point for the world’s printing community; mostly the five mainstream processes of Offset, Letterpress, Flexo, Screen and Gravure.

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Carbon – An issue about tax, not the environment.

While the words ‘Carbon’ and ‘Tax’ seem inextricably linked in political debate they are separate issues and should be viewed as such, a group of Melbourne’s leading industry CEOs was told on Friday, the 2nd of September 2011).

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